2013 Napa Valley Merlot & 2013 WALT Blue Jay Pinot Noir are pairing perfection for any variety of pie, and your entire Thanksgiving feast. If you’re planning on serving a berry pie, our 2012 Coeur Cabernet is a great choice for you. Lush and aromatic with dark briar fruit and blackberry, this harmonious wine is the perfect complement to berry pie. 2011 Darwin Red Wine is dark, earthy, muscular interpretation of Syrah with smooth, rich notes of dark berry, and stands up perfectly to the sweet and tart flavors of cherry pie. Finally, for a dessert with warmer flavors like pumpkin or pecan pie, try our Library selection, 2006 Napa Valley Merlot. With notes of cocoa and baking spice, a rich and elegant mid-palate and expressive toasted oak flavors, this wine will bring your pie to the next level.

Thanksgiving Pairings:  turkey  |  stuffing  |  veggies  |  pie

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