3-Tier Shipping Policy

Your website says that shipments to my state may take 2-4 weeks. Why is that?

Where possible, we ship our wines directly to you from the winery. Thankfully, most states where we can ship wine do allow us to ship directly to your door using FedEx or UPS standard and expedited shipping methods. There are a few states that require us to first ship your wine to a state-dictated retailer before your wine is delivered to you. This process is safe for your wine, but it can delay the process, and unfortunately we don't have full control over the final delivery.

We are careful to avoid any conditions such has extreme temperatures that may cause stress and/or damage to your wine. We also guarantee the quality of any wine you purchase directly from the winery. If you ever have a problem with a wine you purchase from us, please call us at (707) 967-2657 or email orders@hallwines.com. 

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