Jesus Moroles - Reflection of Life | Sacred Fire and Water Fountain

HALL Wines Art - Jesus Moraloes

Jesus Moroles, Reflection of Life, granite and water

Jesus more-or-less on the spur of the moment, named his two pieces Sacred Fire and Water Fountain and Reflection of Life here are the stories: 

Craig invited Jesus out to the winery before any construction started and asked him what he would feel inspired to do as one or two works that could be unique and one-off commissions for the winery only. While standing on top of the old 1885 winery during the early stages of renovation from what is now the second floor, Jesus looked out and quickly imagined a long fountain that could reflect the mountains and the vineyards. This ultimately became The Reflections of Life fountain. 

In a separate area, Jesus envisioned a piece similar to one that he made twenty years ago, as a combination of fire and water fountain.

Jesus bought the granite for each of the fountains in various quarries. The large reflections of life granite came from a quarry in California, but the stone was shipped to Texas for cutting, and brought back to California. The fire and water stone is actually from Texas.

HALL Wines Art | Jesus Moraloes - Sacred Fire and Water Fountain

Jesus Moroles, Sacred Fire and Water Fountain, granite and water 

As Jesus was spending days and days fitting and putting together, and shaping the final fountains, a Native American woman stopped by and was watching him work. She said she was moved by the pieces and asked if she could bless them. Upon Jesus’ consent, she went into a long chant and dance.

Jesus was moved by the long and very deep blessing that the woman offered for the fountains and there in lied his addition to the front of the name of the fire and water piece Sacred Fire and Water Fountain. He hopes that both of these pieces will be gathering places for many to enjoy and reflect on their lives just as the spiritual Native American woman did in her very special blessing.

Jesus Moroles is a great international artist, and someone who Craig and Kathryn have collected for many years.


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