English Peas & Fava Bean Soup with Mint, Coconut, and Crispy Shallots

Serves 6-8 | Prep Time 60 min. | Cook Time 15 min.
This dish goes perfectly with our Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc

8 oz. English peas, fresh
8 oz. Fava beans, fresh
1 T. fresh mint, finely chopped
¼ c. coconut milk
1 t. lemongrass, finely chopped
Lemon zest, to taste
Salt, to taste
1 ea. shallot, 1/8” slices
1 T. All Purpose flour
2 c. oil for frying


    1. Blanch peas and fava beans in salted boiling water in batches and set aside.  Reserve a small amount for garnish.
    2. Slowly steep lemongrass in coconut milk until lemongrass flavor is apparent, approximately 10-15 minutes.  Strain and cool.
    3. In a blender, combine peas, fava bean, mint and coconut milk until a smooth soup is made.  Season with olive oil, salt and lemon zest.
    4. Toss shallots slice in enough flour to evenly coat.  In a medium saucepan heat oil to 325˚ and gently fry until golden brown.
    5. To serve, pour 4 oz. cold soup into a bowl and top with remaining peas and favas beans, and fried shallots.


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