HALL Winemaking: Fermentation

HALL Wines Fermentation, HydrometerOnce the perfectly ripened fruit is delivered to the tank, it is Steve Leveque's mission to extract everything desirable from each berry, leaving any unwanted texture behind. Fermentation management requires keen observation, an intuitive feel for what each lot of fruit needs, and exacting, time-sensitive decision making. Fermentation is a phase that cannot be recipe driven. It is a critical and dynamic moment when creating compelling, balanced wines, HALL's state-of-the-art facilities and precision winemaking equipment allows our winemakers complete control over this crucial process.

Prior to encouraging fermentation, we employ a cold soak to extract the silky tannins, color, and deep fruit flavors from the berries. We then gently bring the berries to an ideal temperature where the fruit's native yeasts begin the fermentation process. Native fermentation promotes layers, nuance, and complexity in the wine. Our facilities feature precision heating and cooling systems to allow an optimum environment for evolution and extraction. HALL Wines Fermentation, HydrometerDepending on the vintage, varietal, vineyard, and stage of fermentation, we perform various extraction techniques to create rich, opulent, and balanced textures. We then drain the new wine off the skins as free run once a delicious textural balance has been achieved.

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