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Wine and Food RecipesDiscovering the right food and wine match can take dining to a whole new level. It’s a beautiful moment when, a wine that you didn’t think could taste any better is paired with a particular dish that simply transports your taste buds. Always remember that food can alter the taste and texture of your wine, not the other way around. Saltiness in food will smooth out any bitterness in wine and can accentuate the fruit. Bitter foods will often make a wine seem more bitter. Highly spicy foods can dull the flavors in wine and sweet foods will strip the wine of its fruitiness. Ultimately, a well-balanced wine will succeed with a well-balanced dish. Experiment! It is fun to serve an array of small tastes of various flavor combinations with a single wine. This can be a delicious study in how the flavors in the foods amplify or mute particular aspects of the wine.

Start on the lighter side. Begin your evening of wine drinking with a light-hearted wine and graduate to your heaviest wine at the close of the meal.  It's hard to appreciate the spectrum of wines if you taste them heaviest to lightest.  Our Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc is crafted with a purity of fruit and cleansing acidity that make it an ideal aperitif. We have, more or less, ordered the wines in this book from lightest to most robust. You may wish to use this a guideline if you planning a HALL tasting dinner.

Take into account both weight and flavor intensity when creating a pairing. Match delicate to delicate, robust to robust. A hearty wine will overpower a light dish and vice versa. Consider how you can create a bridge between the aromatics of the wine and the flavors in the dish.  Similar flavors in the food and the wine can echo each other on your palate in a beautiful way.  Try matching the earthiness of a Pinot Noir with the earthiness of mushrooms, the dried herb underscore of a Merlot with a dry-herb rub, etc. Also, consider the contrasts. How can the character of the wine serve as the perfect counterpoint to the dish? The acidity of a wine can balance the richness of a sauce and the tannin in a wine is an excellent complement to high protein and fatty dishes.

There are no hard and fast rules.  Drink what you like and match it with what you like. Most importantly, savor the whole experience—the meal, the wine, the company. Be in the moment and relish the sensual discovery!

Look forward to new recipes that celebrate the season, pair beautifully with our wine, and beckon gatherings with good friends!


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