François-Xavier Lalanne

Francois-Xavier Lalane - Whimsical Sheep

François-Xavier Lalanne (1927 - Agen, France)
Beliers, 1994 | Mouton Transhumant, 1988 | Agneau, 1996
epoxy and bronze

About The Work

Francois-Xavier Lalanne’s whimsical sheep, or moutons, have become the artist’s most iconic works, embodying his approach to art and commenting on the nature of art itself. The epoxy and bronze sculptures epitomize Lalanne’s mission to capture the sheer joy that art can bring.

I first saw a softer version of the sheep twenty years ago in a Vogue article in Yves St. Laurent’s home. I loved them then, and I love them now. They make me smile, they are made out of a hard surface, but you still want to cuddle them (but, please don’t). Lalannes work is always full of fantasy and humor. These sheep are no exception.” –Kathryn Hall


François-Xavier studied sculpture, drawing, and painting at Académie Julian in Paris.  After completing mandatory military service, Francois-Xavier rented a studio in Montparnasse, next door to friend Constantin Brâncuși. He met his future wife, Claude Lalanne at his first gallery show in 1952. The show signified an end of painting for François-Xavier, as he and Claude began their career sculpting together.

Francois-Xavier Lalanne Sheep at Sunset HALL Wines St. Helena 

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