HALL Rutherford Tour & Tasting FAQ’s

Q: Am I allowed to bring minors/children/infants with me?      
A: Please, no guests under 21 years of age on public tours.

Q: Can I share a tasting?
A: You may split a tasting, but the charge will still be $60 per person to cover the tour and wine education.  

Q: Can I bring my dog (pet) with me?
A: Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at the Rutherford winery. Pets are allowed in the arbor area at our St. Helena winery.  

Q:  Can I bring a picnic lunch with me?
A: Picnicking is not allowed at this location, though you may bring a picnic lunch to enjoy at our St. Helena winery. 

Q: Will Kathryn Hall and/or Craig Hall be available?
A: It is not likely that they will be available  at the time of your visit. Kathryn and Craig often attend public and member only events at the winery.

Q:  Can I do tasting without going on the tour?
A: At our Rutherford winery, the tour and tasting is combined. If you would like to participate in a tasting ONLY, please visit out St. Helena Visitors Center where drop-in tastings are welcome from 10am until 5:30pm, daily.    

Q: Do you offer private tours and tastings?
A: Yes. We would be delighted to arrange a private tour and tasting experience for you and your group. Pricing starts at $75 per person. Please contact Kendra Johnson at 707-286-7182 for more information.


To make a reservation at HALL Rutherford, please call 707-967-2626

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