HALL Winemaking: Harvesting and Sorting

Harvesting HALL WineWe harvest our fruit in the cool early morning hours. At times, we pick at night, the still dark vines illuminated by spotlights and headlamps. Our vineyard crew deftly picks cluster by cluster, gathering them in small bins to avoid bruising or bursting the fragile berries. Grape skins are delicate and they possess much of the flavor and texture of the wine. Any less-than-perfect fruit is left on the vine.

The bins filled with fruit from each distinct vineyard block remain separated and are carefully stacked on flatbed tractors and transported to the winery crush pad. The fruit arrives at the sorting table where each cluster is gently sorted, meticulously inspected, and then re-inspected. We only allow perfectly ripened berries to be gently fed to the fermentation tank and assure none of the fruit is damaged in the process. Our obsession over each berry's faultlessness and fragility is paramount in creating wines with opulence, richness, and balance, devoid of any aggressive character.

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