Wine Caves: Trending for Thousands of Years!

HALL Rutherford Wine Cave HALL Rutherford Wine Cave

The caves at HALL Rutherford are an integral component of our winemaking process. They provide a stable temperature and moisture level which are perfect for aging and storing wine in barrel. Wine caves are energy efficient, environmentally-friendly structures which naturally provide both high humidity and cool temperatures, essential to the production of wine. Requiring no refrigeration, heating or humidity control, caves have been used for storing wine for thousands of years since Roman times. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re beautiful too!

At HALL, we are incredibly proud of our wine cave. It encompasses 14,000 square feet of repurposed Austrian bricks. The centerpiece of the caves is the unforgettable chandelier named “Chilean Red” (an anagram for chandelier), that was commissioned for the space by Craig and Kathryn Hall (avid modern art supporters). The artist, Donald Lipski, designed the piece to resemble the root system of an ancient vine.

HALL Wines’ focus is on crafting excellent Cabernet Sauvignon. We aim to make exceptional wine from what we think is the best place to grow wine in the world. Book your tasting at HALL Rutherford today!

HALL Rutherford TanksHALL Rutherford Tanks

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