The Art of Serving

No doubt, your environment is the most influential aspect of your wine enjoyment. Who hasn’t savored a fine Cabernet Sauvignon from a plastic cup on the beach while viewing a spectacular sunset or been less than impressed with a legendary wine in the context of a stuffy business dinner? There is no question that the beauty and revelry around you greatly enhance the wine in your glass. Still, you can optimize the flavors and aromas of your wine in any context by serving it in ideal glassware at an ideal temperature.

It’s very important to serve your wines at a temperature that best reveals its complexities and character. Many people serve their white wines too cold. This will mask their aromas and flavors. We recommend that you serve our Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc at around 45◦ F. Our T Bar T Sauvignon Blanc is fuller bodied and has been aged partially in oak. This wine can be served at a slightly warmer temperature than our racier Napa Valley SB, around 50◦ F.

Wine Serving TipsFor our red wines, if the wine is too cool, you will mask the fruit and the wine may seem a bit bitter or astringent. If the wine is too warm, it may seem off balance with overly pronounced alcohol. Our Cabernet Sauvignons show best at around 68◦ F. Possessing less tannin, our Merlots and Syrah can be enjoyed slightly cooler, around 64◦ F. If you find that your red wine is too cool and tasting slightly bitter, hold the bulb of the glass in the palm of your hand as you swirl the wine.  The warmth from your hand will gently warm the wine. Conversely, if your wine is too warm, give it 30 minutes in the refrigerator to hit a desired temperature.

Always serve your wine in a thin-rimmed glass so that the wine hits the tip of your tongue as you sip it.  When you're enjoying a wine with complexity and depth, it's best to use a glass with a nice deep bowl and tapered opening.  The bowl gives you room to swirl and the tapered opening delivers focused aromas to your nose.  Remember, the wine will develop in your glass more than anywhere else.



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