HALL Winemaking: Bottling and Unfiltered Wines

Unfiltered WinesOur clear directive at HALL is to bottle all of our wines with the least amount of winemaker manipulation. We aim for unfined and unfiltered wines, allowing them to express themselves as purely and vividly as possible. There is no room for errors, tricks, or compromises. If each stage of the winegrowing and winemaking process are performed with diligence, fining and filtering the wine is an unnecessary step that only serves to hide mistakes or shortcuts. Ultimately, unfined and unfiltered wines are more expressive, layered, and delicious. Of course, this approach requires more attention and risk, but if conducted thoughtfully, the benefits are incalculable.

A HALL wine drinker may find slight haze in our white wines or slight sediment in our reds. This simply indicates that we have adhered to our belief in a limited-intervention, fully expressive wine.

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