HALL Winemaking: Wine Blending

Blending is a serious, often times humbling process. At HALL, we begin looking at blends in the spring, after the malolactic fermentations have finished and the wines have harmonized with their barrels. We very thoughtfully taste each barrel lot and then experiment with various combinations of lots in various proportions. There is a tremendous amount of measuring, blending, tasting, note taking, and discussion among the production team. Each bottling must reflect the personality of its vineyard source and carry the story of its origin.

Once we achieve the ideal blend, we assemble it en masse in the cellar and return the final cuvée back to barrel, no longer on its lees. As the blended wine continues to age, it is staged to allow natural settling and clarification —  a process where organic particles in the wine collect at the bottom of the barrel to be carefully avoided at bottling time.

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