Wine Gifts and Gatherings

We are often asked for advice on what wines to give as gifts or bring to gatherings. You want your gift to be thoughtful and memorable, so consider the occasion and the recipient when making your selection. If you are taking a bottle to dinner with friends, find out ahead of time what’s on the menu and choose a wine that can serve as a nice complement to the meal. Sometimes, with especially large gatherings, a bottle of wine can get lost in the shuffle.  In that case, bring an everyday drinking wine or hand a favorite bottle to the host and tell them to save it for another, quieter occasion. Always leave it up to the host whether to uncork the wine you’ve brought them.

When giving wine as a gift, give a bottle that is rare or noteworthy—and this doesn’t always mean expensive.  A winery-exclusive wine or a large format bottle always makes a great impression. Large bottles are an excellent gift for farewell parties or birthdays.  Wine Gift IdeasBring along a metallic permanent marker and all the guests can scribe their sentiments on the bottle as a keepsake.

Give a wine that has a story behind it and share that story in person or in the gift card. For example, give a wine as a wedding gift that you and your spouse especially love drinking together. The preciousness of the gift comes with inviting your recipient to experience the same joy, the same memorable moments that you have discovered through drinking it.

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