Partner Wine Allocation Program, Shipment Fee and Rerouting Fee Questions

We know that your Hall Wines of Napa L.P. Wine Allocations are the most exciting packages that you receive in the mail and we love sharing these wines with you.  We receive a lot of repetitive questions each quarter, therefore it is important to refresh every one of the different programs.

  • All Partners receive Sample shipments Two Times Annually, in the Spring and in the Fall
  • Shipping charges apply to all Partners and all investment levels. Shipping fees will fluctuate based on the number of bottles in the shipment and current shipping rates.
  • Shipping charges are billed once per year, and this charge covers the shipping fees for the entire year. The shipping charge may occur at different times of the year, and you will always receive prior notification of the charge, along with a confirmation email once the charge has been processed.
  • Prior to each Shipment, a shipping notification is emailed to you. You must adhere to the deadlines given in your shipping notification emails.
  • We understand and appreciate that your schedule may change from time to time, therefore you have approximately 1 week from the time you receive the shipping notification email to request a change of address or have your Samples sent on a future date to avoid a rerouting fee. The deadline date will always be noted in the emails.
  • Wine Allocations are not customizable. In order for the business to program and forecast the required wine needed to support all of our revenue channels (Wholesale, Wine Club, Tasting Centers, and Private Events) throughout the year, the Partner Allocations are set the year prior. Our Wine Allocation program is designed to represent our full portfolio of wines. We would like you to be familiar with most of our wines and share them with your friends. We appreciate that not every wine we produce is the perfect match to your palate and we welcome you to share it with family or friends. These are great ways to introduce new people to HALL and WALT. It helps us find new customers and ultimately benefits you as an investor…as well as a friend!

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