Wine and Food Recipes

Look forward to new recipes that celebrate the season, pair beautifully with HALL wines, and beckon gatherings with good friends!


Beef and Cabbage with smoked brussel sprouts and pumpernickel toast
Pairs with HALL Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Bacon and Fig Marmalade on crostini
Pairs with HALL Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Lamb Sliders with goat cheese, dried tomato, mint and cilantro pesto
Pairs with HALL Napa Valley Merlot

Pork Rillette with persimmon, cardamom, soy caramel
Pairs with HALL "Darwin" Proprietary Red

Five Spice Rubbed Spare Ribs with nectarine and jalapeno jam, roasted corn on the cob
Pairs with HALL "Darwin" Proprietary Red

Chicken Liver Crostini with sunchoke, wine mustard, and herb salad
Pairs with HALL "Ellie's" Cabernet Sauvignon

Sparerib Confit with local cherry, creamy grits, tarragon
Pairs with HALL Craig's Cuvee

Smoked Brisket Tacos with roasted tomato and chipotle guacamole
Pairs with HALL Craig's Cuvee

Grilled Short Ribs with onion soubise, fennel slaw
Pairs with HALL "Jack's Masterpiece" Cabernet Sauvignon

Pork Rillette with wine mustard and salas verde
Pairs with HALL "Segassia Vineyard" Cabernet Sauvignon

Lamb Shoulder with bitter greens and celery root
Pairs with HALL "Kathryn Hall" Cabernet Sauvignon


Popcorn with Brown Butter, Sage and Aged Gouda
Pairs with HALL "T Bar T Ranch " Sauvignon Blanc

Creamy Corn Soup with garam masala, kaffir lime, macadamia nut
Pairs with HALL "T Bar T Ranch " Sauvignon Blanc

English Peas & Fava Bean Soup with mint, coconut, and crispy shallots
Pairs with HALL Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Fried Oysters with lemon confit, cilantro, and pepperoncini
Pairs with HALL Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc 


Summer Farro, Pole Bean & Tomato Salad
Pairs with 2012 WALT "Blue Jay" Pinot Noir Sonoma County

Smoked Salmon with beet chips, horseradish and cumin
Pairs with WALT "La Brisa" Pinot Noir Sonoma County

Marcona Almonds with rosemary sugar
Pairs with WALT "Blue Jay" Poinot Noir Anderson Valley

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